Artist Charles P. Bahringer and daughter Sara.

Charles P. Bahringer is an American born award winning contemporary metals jewelry artisan.  Originally an Architecture major in college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Charles changed direction after he took just a few fine art jewelry classes.  "I went to college with the idea that I would become an architect but I wanted to take some jewelry making classes so I could make my own wedding rings if I ever got married someday" states Charles.  "I took a few classes and fell in love with it so I eventually changed over to Metalsmithing and Jewelry design."  After college Charles owned and operated his own custom fine jewelry store for thirteen years before being introduced to contemporary metals by winning multiple international alternative metal jewelry competitions.  Since then he has crafted in titanium, stainless steel and other contemporary/alternative metals.  Charles has designed and developed product for companies such as Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Marc Ecko, Calvin Klein, Dockers, Tommy Bahama, SHAQ, NASCAR, NFL, Express and the World Series of Poker winner bracelet.    Charles P. Bahringer collections are groups of work that are constantly changing, "I am always looking forward, my designs are constantly evolving" says Charles.  His recent work is his Mystic Blue series of hand sculpted aquatic figures in sterling silver, 18k gold and stainless steel with transparent gem enamels.  Ever since moving to Florida Charles has been enamored by the beauty and mystery of the sea.  "Mystic Blue is how I describe the beauty and emotion of the sea.  My inspiration comes to me early morning when I am at the beach. The beauty and the fury of the sea is inspiring!"